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China's hurdler Liu says 13.09 seconds satisfactory in Kawasaki


10:17, May 07, 2012

KAWASAKI, Japan, May 6 (Xinhua) -- China's star hurdler Liu Xiang said he was content with a time of 13.09 seconds in the men's 110-meter hurdle event at the IAAF Golden Grand Prix in Kawasaki, Japan on Sunday.

"I think I have given full play to my training level and the performance is a good one," Liu told a press conference. "I am quite satisfactory with the results since there was wind and the lane was a little slippery."

It was sunny in Kawasaki until 2 p.m. local time but a shower of rain came just before the hurdler event. The rain abated when the men's 110m hurdle event started.

With the absence of hurdling big names including Cuba's world record holder Dayron Robles as well as David Oliver, Aries Merritt and Ryan Wilson of the United States, the 28-year-old Liu emerged as the most favored star in Kawasaki.

The time that Liu clocked Sunday is the second best in this season globally. U.S. athlete Aries Merritt just set his personal best and the season fastest time of 13.03 seconds two days ago in Fayetteville, U.S..

Asked about his goal for the London Olympics this year, Liu said: "I have to do well what must be done, and I hope I will give a good performance in London."

Liu will compete next in the Samsung Diamond League Shanghai leg on May 19 as part of his build-up for the London Games.

"I will be more focused on myself," he said, hoping that Kawasaki would be a good start leading to better results.


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