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Shenhua dismisses Tigana from head coach post


10:39, April 27, 2012

SHANGHAI, April 26 (Xinhua) -- Shanghai Shenhua has terminated their contract with French head coach Jean Tigana, announced the Chinese Super League soccer club via their official website on Thursday.

Former DR Congo national team head coach Jean-Florent Ikwange Ibenge was appointed as the acting head coach, while French star striker Nicolas Anelka, the most high-profile foreign footballer to sign for the Chinese league, remains as captain/coach.

Also among the newly named five-member coaching staff are assistant coach Alioune-Kissima Toure, goalkeeper coach Ian Michael Walker and physical trainer Younousse ElBouhssaini.

Tigana, former Fulham and Monaco head coach, took over Shenhua in December and was once highly expected, since the former champions of China's top flight soccer league had just finished in the bottom half of the CSL last season.

But the Frenchman failed to save the club from a dismal start the 2012 season, managing only two victories out of 11 matches, among which were only five league games.

Shenhua now sits on the 10th place in the 16-member CSL after nine rounds, as Tigana did not coach the last two games.


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