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Chen Jin leads the way as China's domination continues


10:55, April 19, 2012

QINGDAO, China, April 18 (Xinhua) -- Former world champion Chen Jin of China entered the men's singles top 16 at the 2012 Asian Badminton Championships on Wednesday.

Chen, who is fighting hard to be among the world top four to earn a third Olympic ticket for China, was too good for Chu Han Chou of Chinese Taipei, winning 21-13, 21-5.

"I'm not familiar with Chu's play style, so the first set was a bit tight, but in the second I controlled the tempo," said Chen, who will face Japan's Kento Momota in the third round.

For Chen, his recent victories in Switzerland and Australia are almost sure to guarantee him a ticket to the London Olympic Games. He is currently ranked fifth in the world, but based on points collected during the Olympic period he is at No. 4, ahead of Peter Gade of Denmark.

Gade was competing in the European Championships simultaneously, in which the veteran also cruised past the second round by beating Ville Lang of Finland 21-17, 21-12. Therefore, Chen still needs to put out his best in order to ensure his No. 4 place.

Chinese shuttler Lin Dan and Chen Long, who have already secured Olympic tickets, showed no mercy as both reached the third round at ease.

Top seed Lin needed 33 minutes to dispose of Huang Chao of Singapore 21-17, 21-18, while second seed Chen Long dominated Hsuan Yi Hsueh of Chinese Taipei from the start to register a 21-13, 21-14 victory.

Chinese dominance is the same in other four categories.

In women's singles, Chinese eight participants occupied half of the top 16 after the first round. World top four Wang Yihan, Wang Xin, Wang Shixian and Li Xuerui all claimed victory.

The in-form Chinese team also expressed their determination to regain the Uber Cup, to be held next month.

Two years ago, the Chinese team, featuring seven Uber Cup debutants in the 10- player squad, surrendered the title for the first time since 1998 with a surprising 1-3 loss to South Korea.

Wang Yihan has a bitter memory at the Uber Cup two years ago, losing the first singles and giving South Korean opponents a morale-boosting point.

"We will take back what we had lost," said Wang.

In doubles, Chinese top seeds Chai Biao/Guo Zhendong (men's), Zhan Nan/Zhan Yunlei (mixed) both took easy victory. In women's doubles, top seeds Tian Qing/Zhao Yunlei enjoyed first round bye.


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