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Botswana bids to host 2014 African Youth Games


11:01, April 18, 2012

GABORONE, April 17 (Xinhua) -- Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC) on Tuesday presented its 2014 African Youth Games bid during the Sports Ministers Meeting in Moscow, Russia, a senior official said.

About 120 sports ministers and invited guests from across the world attended a two-day World Olympic Sport Convention where the Botswanan Sport, Youth and Culture Minister Shaw Kgathi presented the bid.

Tuelo Serufho, BNOC Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said in a telephone interview the Botswana government had granted his committee the permission to bid for the 2014 African Youth Games.

"We presented to the African delegates on Botswana's readiness to host the games," said Serufho.

Serufho said should Botswana hosts the games, they will be the biggest international sporting spectacle the country has ever staged.

"The games could bring together around 2,500 athletes representing 54 nations. This development has got the potential of boosting the country's tourism sector as both athletes and spectators would require accommodation and catering services," he said.

According to Serufho, allowing the BNOC to bid, the government did not only demonstrate commitment to sport development in the country but also showed a vote of confidence in sport authorities' ability to stage major competitions.

Serufho noted that many benefits will be reaped from hosting the games of this magnitude in a developing country like Botswana.

The African Youth Games are a multi-sport competition for athletes aged 18 years and below drawn from 54 countries in the African continent.


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