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Bayern defeats Real Madrid 2-1 at Champions League semifinal first leg


10:56, April 18, 2012

BERLIN, April 17 (Xinhua) -- Bayern striker and German international Mario Gomez sealed the 2-1 victory for his side to stun Spanish giant Real Madrid with his last gasp goal at sold-out Allianz Arena on Tuesday.

The Bundesliga record champion Bayern Munich wrapped an important 2-1 win on home soil in the first of two semifinals ties owing to the decider by Gomez who scored his 12th goal at Europe's elite club competition to punish Real Madrid that tried to govern a 1-1 draw.

In a dramatic match with many fouls, both sides staged soccer at high pace. Real Madrid took over with the kick off against nervous Bayern but against the run of the match, the host opened the scoring with 17 minutes into the clash as Frenchmen and Bayern midfielder Franck Ribery slotted home from inside penalty area when he exploited a failed clearance attempt following a corner.

With the lead behind Bayern was on a tear whilst "Los Blancos" seemed dazed by the sudden deficit. With beginning of the second half Real regained their calm when midfielder Mesut Oezil capitalized on a complete black out by Bayern defence, as Christian Ronaldo managed to scratch a ball from goal line so that Oezil was able to tap it into open goal at the 53rd minute.

The visitors tried to kill the clock to take a 1-1 draw into second leg having an advantage of an away goal but the dedicated Bavarians rewarded themselves when defender Philipp Lahm assisted Gomez, from right wing, who straddled home the winner from very close range just before final whistle.

Thus the "Bavarians" take a 2-1 advantage into second leg match at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.

"We deserved the 2-1 win. Madrid started well but as the match progressed we took over control," Bayern coach Heynckes said.

"There is no shame to lose here against Bayern at the semis. However, a 1-1 would have been ok I think," Real coach Mourinho said.

Chelsea London encounters FC Barcelona at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday to complete first leg of the Champions League semifinals.


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