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FC Tokyo beats Beijing Guoan to retain group lead at AFC League


10:52, April 18, 2012

TOKYO, April 17 (Xinhua) -- FC Tokyo defeated Beijing Guoan 3-0 on Tuesday to hold on to the top position in the the Group F at the AFC Champions League.

Cold spring rain started to fall in the afternoon, but it stopped for the game, which proved to be lackluster since Beijing Guoan failed to organize effective attack against the host team.

At the Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium, Japanese fans were excited when Kazuma Watanabe, Yohei Otake and substitute Tatsuya Yazawa scored.

The Emperor's Cup holders in Japan impressed the spectators with their swift attack and effective defense, which gave their opponents little chance.

The two teams met for the second time in the AFC Champions League on Tuesday following their 1-1 draw in China about two weeks ago. With the victory, FC Tokyo is still ahead of the K-League's Ulsan Hyundai of the South Korea on goal difference.


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