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Fluminense will be without former Lyon striker Fred


10:44, April 18, 2012

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 16 (Xinhua) -- Fluminense will be without former Lyon striker Fred for Wednesday's final Copa Libertadores group match against Argentina's Arsenal at the Julio Grondona stadium.

Fred did not travel with the team to Buenos Aires on Monday night due to a strained right thigh. The injury also kept him out of the team's 5-1 victory over Olaria in the Rio Cup on Sunday.

Despite stumbling to a 2-0 loss at home to Boca Juniors last week, Fluminense can secure top spot in Group 4 with victory on Wednesday.

Abel Braga's team has not lost a Copa Libertadores match in Argentina since a 2-0 defeat to Arsenal in 2008.

Fluminense forward Thiago Neves is expecting a rugged duel, despite the fact Arsenal cannot qualify for the tournament's next phase.

"They are going to provoke us because that's the way they play," Neves said.

"It's going to be tough but we know we need to keep our cool and have our minds on playing football."


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