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Monchengladbach edge Cologne 3-0 at German Bundesliga


10:02, April 16, 2012

BERLIN, April 14 (Xinhua) -- Monchengladbach staged an impressive 3-0 win against relegation threatened Cologne while Freiburg and Hoffenheim share points to complete 31st round of German Bundesliga on Sunday.

After a run of four winless matches, Monchengladbach wrapped a 3-0 victory in front of 52,990 spectators at Borussia Park against harmless Cologne.

From kickoff Gladbach staged an offensively minded performance to find the back of the goal with 19 minutes as Venezuelan international midfielder Juan Arango netted a dead ball from 21 meters into top right.

With beginning of the second half, Cologne suffered two fast goals by Gladbach. Defender Tony Jantschke doubled the lead when he headed home a free kick by teammate Marco Reus, who got his name on the scoreboards himself when he shrugged off three defenders to beat goalkeeper Rensing for the 3-0 lead with 55 minutes into the match.

The win keeps Monchengladbach on fourth position with 56 points, one point behind third placed Schalke 04 that occupy a direct Champions League spot. Cologne stay on 16th position, which is still a relegation playoff spot.

Elsewhere 13th positioned Freiburg shared points with ninth placed Hoffenheim after a goal less draw.


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