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Jeremy Lin to play for charity in China

By Ye Xin (People's Daily Online)

09:47, April 12, 2012

Miao Li (R), vice president and secretary general of the CSWF, shakes hand with Zhou Aimin,president of the ACSA, at the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation partnership agreement on NBA Goodwill Clinic Tours of China in Beijing on April 11, 2012.(People's Daily Online/Ye Xin)

Beijing, April 12 -- Jeremy Shu-How Lin will head the list of the 16 NBA basketball stars to participate in the NBA Goodwill Clinic Tours of China that is expected to be held in July 2012, according to a press conference held Wednesday in Beijing.

A strategic cooperation partnership agreement on NBA Goodwill Clinic Tours of China was signed by China Social Welfare Foundation (CSWF) and the American Chinese Sports Association (ACSA) at the press.

The 16 NBA stars are Jeremy Lin, Blake Griffn, Aaron Afflalo, Corey Maggette, Iman Shumpert, Demar Derozan, Jason Kidd, Jarrett Jack, Kevin love, Jerryd Bayless, Jordan Hamilton, Michael Beasley, Paul Pierce, Stephen curry, Steven Nash, and Trevor Ariza.

Among the 16 NBA stars, five will take part in the London Olympic Games as members of the U.S. basketball team and four have been included in Nesmith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Zhou Aimin,president of the ACSA, promised that she will try her best to lead all the 16 NBA stars to stage wonderful exhibition matches in China and Jeremy Lin will not let anyone down.

Miao Li, vice president and secretary general of the CSWF said the CSWF will cooperate with the ACSA to launch a series of public-benefit activities titled on the NBA Goodwill Clinic Tours of China.

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