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Yao Ming surprised by Lin's success


11:13, February 26, 2012

China’s biggest basketball star says Jeremy Lin’s rise has been sensational. The retired Yao Ming now owns the Chinese Basketball Association's Shanghai Sharks. He has been following the Lin-sanity from afar and is as surprised as anyone of the American’s rise to stardom.

Since Yao Ming retired from the NBA last year, his time has been mostly spent keeping an eye on the CBA team that he owns in his hometown of Shanghai.

But the gentle giant still finds keeps following the league he left last year -- the NBA -- and is surprised at the success of its newest sensation -- Jeremy Lin.

Yao said, "I am very surprised with Jeremy Lin. Surprised but also very happy. I did not think he would play so well. When he played well in his first game for the New York Knicks I thought it was a great start and perhaps his play would drop off. I never thought he would perform as well as he has so far."

Lin often communicates with Yao, and the the NBA rookie looks up to the Chinese giant, both literally and figuratively and considers him a role model.

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