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Chinese hurdler Liu tags London Olympics "should be" his last


11:29, February 18, 2012

China's hurdler star Liu Xiang (L) and Dayron Robles attend a press conference in Birmingham, Britain, Feb. 17, 1012. Liu Xiang disclosed on Friday that this summer's London Games "should be" his last Olympic show. (Xinhua Photo)

BIRMINGHAM, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- China's star hurdler Liu Xiang disclosed here on Friday that this summer's London Games "should be" his last Olympic show.

"Now, I feel it should be," said Liu Xiang, who will kick off his new season Saturday in the men's 60m competitions at the Birmingham indoor tournament.

"It should be my last Olympics as an athlete in my sports career," the 2005 world titlist said.

But Liu also added that if he felt good in form, he would sill be possible to compete in the 2016 Games.

"That depends on form, but now, I'm not sure whether I can do that."

The 2004 Olympic champion also played down his clash with rival Dayron Robles of Cuba on Saturday, naming the dramatic finishing between them in last year's world championships a "beautiful accident".

"Both of us are great hurdlers. We have been good friends for many years and when we race together it's great for both of us, as well as great for the sport," said Liu.

It will be the pair's first meeting since the world championships in Daegu last summer, where Liu took silver after Robles was disqualified for disrupting him despite finishing the race in first place.

Robles echoed Liu's words ahead of what should be a mouth- watering battle.

"I forgot about the world championships final straight after it happened. It doesn't make sense to keep thinking about that as I will be racing Xiang again and again. I'm just looking to the future," Robles said.

"We are the fastest three hurdlers of all time, including American David Oliver, but we will have to wait until our careers are over before we see who's the greatest ever. I've been training very hard and I've come out here to win," added the current world record holder.

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