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Real Madrid battle to controversial win in Mallorca


14:48, January 15, 2012

Real Madrid came back from a goal down away to Mallorca to win 2-1 and maintain their lead at the top of the BBVA Primera Liga on Saturday night. (Xinhua/AFP Photo)

MADRID, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- Real Madrid came back from a goal down away to Mallorca to win 2-1 and maintain their lead at the top of the BBVA Primera Liga on Saturday night.

Mallorca had taken a first half lead thanks to a header from Israeli striker Tomer Hemed and for a while it looked as if they could hold on against a below par Madrid in the second period.

The home side saw a perfectly legal goal ruled out for a non-existent offside before Gonzalo Higuain drew Madrid level after 72 minutes.

Jose Callejon scored the winning goal five minutes from time with a miss-hit shot from outside of the penalty area after a sustained Madrid attack.

The win leaves Madrid eight points clear of FC Barcelona, who play Betis on Sunday.

Third placed Valencia slipped up suffering a shock 1-0 home defeat to Real Sociedad, who recovered well from their 6-1 midweek mauling in Mallorca.

Antoine Griezmann's second half goal, which came after he had handled the ball, was enough to give the Basques the victory and lift them into mid-table.

The day kicked off with a 0-0 draw between seventh placed Sevilla and eighth place Espanyol, while Zaragoza remain rock bottom of the table after a 1-1 draw at home to Getafe.

Mauricio Lanzaro put Zaragoza ahead with a powerful header, but an own goal from Javier Paredes saw the visitors take a share of the points.

Menawhile Rayo Vallecano put Granada into deep trouble with a 2-1 away win in the Las Carmines Stadium. Michu and Piti put the visitors 2-0 ahead before Fran Rico scored a late consolation goal for Granada.


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