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Survey: Chinese back crackdown on soccer corruption

By Xiang Nan (China Youth Daily)

10:17, December 29, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

As trials opened recently into cases of corruption in Chinese soccer, the Social Survey Center under the China Youth Daily carried out an online survey named "Will the anti-corruption campaign change the predicament of China's gloomy soccer?" to find out people's attitude towards the campaign.

About 1,078 people participated in the survey. The results showed that 58.1 percent of interviewees have been paying close attention to the news about the anti-corruption trial. Of the interviewees, 36.1 percent are post 1980s and 37.8 percent belong to the generation of 1970s. Around 54.4 percent are soccer fans.

In this survey, 81.7 percent of interviewees expressed their supports to the soccer anti-corruption and 55.1 percent chose "very supportive."

When asked whether the soccer anti-corruption trial would recover public confidence in China's soccer cause, 24.1 percent of interviewees chose "yes," 43.1 percent chose "no" and 32.8 percent chose "hard to tell."

According to the survey carried out by the Social Survey Center in June of 2010 when the World Cup was being held in South Africa, 49.8 percent of interviewees had confidence in the future development of China's soccer, but in this survey, only 25.3 percent showed their confidence.

How to deal with the involved soccer teams and players has been the public's top concern. Some interviewees said that they must be tried thoroughly and punished strictly.

Some others said if the investigation goes too far, most teams of the China Soccer Association Super League will be involved. In order to promote the future development of China's soccer, they should be punished leniently.

Regarding the question of how involved teams and individuals should be dealt with, 75.5 percent chose "punishing them strictly," 16 percent chose "punishing them properly," 2.8 percent chose "punishing them leniently" and 2 percent chose "forgive them."


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Diue at 2012-05-0624.215.200.*
This is the right decision to punish chinese soccer for corruption to prevent future corruption and for China to most likely host the 2026 World Cup.

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