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China saw stunning string of victories

By Lei Lei (China Daily)

08:58, December 27, 2011

BEIJING - In 2011, big names left deep footprints in China's sports world.

Tennis ace Li Na fulfilled the nation's Grand Slam dream when she won the French Open in June. It is the first major title for a Chinese women's tennis player.

Star hurdler Liu Xiang, who has been suffering from a serious foot injury for almost three years, announced his strong comeback to the world championship stage by claiming the silver medal in August.

Badminton player "Super Dan", Lin Dan, claimed an unparalleled fourth world championship title and completing the super "Grand Slam" after winning the final at the BWF World Superseries Finals in December.

While NBA all-star Yao Ming impressed his fans in another way - announcing his retirement because of injury and starting a new life in the university.

However, we cannot ignore the remarkable performances of the youngsters below. They are shouldering the hopes of China's sports in the future.

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