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China reaches women's team chess world championship fourth round


09:04, December 21, 2011

ANKARA, Dec. 20 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese team defeated the Armenian team in the third round of the 2011 World Women Chess Team Championship (WWTC) on Tuesday, which started in Mardin province of southeastern Turkey on Sunday.

The Chinese team won by 4-0 against Armenia. Hou Yifan, who achieved the reigning women's world chess champion in 2010, attended the first table on Tuesday and won the game. Ju Wenjun, Zhao Xue, and Tan Zhongyi also defeated their rivals.

Chinese coach Yu Shaoteng took the victory as a surprise, saying: "It was a surprise, the result is better than expected. We thought the match would be a bit difficult, however, as we held the advantages from the beginning, the games went on our way.

"Besides our winning, Ukrainian and Georgian teams lost, Russian team ended in a draw. In this case, we stand the top in the ten teams now."

In other matchups, Turkey defeated Ukraine, Russia and Greece ended in a draw, Vietnam ousted Georgia, and India beat South Africa in the third round.

For the 2011 edition held between Dec. 18 to 27, China has dispatched five-member squad of Hou Yifan, Ju Wenjun, Zhao Xue, Tan Zhongyi and Zhang Xiaowen.

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