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Buffon saves Totti's penalty to extend Juve unbeaten streak


15:40, December 13, 2011

ROME, Dec. 12 (Xinhua) -- Legend goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon parried Francesco Totti's second-half penalty as Juventus scored a 1-1 draw at Roma to extend Juventus' unbeaten run in Serie A to 14 games.

Daniele De Rossi had put the hosts in front at the sixth minute, and Giorgio Chiellini equalized on the hour mark. Roma had a chance to go in front two minutes later but Totti's central spot kick was saved by Buffon.

Roma head coach Luis Enrique admitted that he had expected Totti to score the penalty.

"I clearly expected it to be a goal," he said. "I thought Francesco would do what he knows how to do best, to score a goal. But he was faced with Buffon, who is an intimidating goalkeeper."

The Turin giants climbed back to the top of the standings with the draw and are level on 30 points with Udinese.

"If I look at the table, then I can say we are doing extraordinary things, well beyond expectations at the start of the season," said Antonio Conte, Juventus head coach.

"The fact people think Juve should win all the time shows we have become an important team," he said.

The hosts got off to the perfect start, Arturo Vidal failing to clear Totti's cross and De Rossi made no mistake in hitting the ball past Buffon.

"I enjoyed the first five minutes of the game, then I saw Juve are a great side and their coach has given them real character. The attitude of my team was wonderful, even with three or more players missing," said Enrique.

Juventus picked up where they left off after the re-start and levelled in the 61st minute when Chiellini headed Estigarribia's cross-shot past Stekelenburg.

Roma could have gone back in front one minute later after Vidal brought down Erik Lamela in the area. Totti struck the resulting spot kick with power but right down the middle and Buffon kept it out.

Juventus then had an opportunity to take all three points with two minutes remaining when Eljero Elia found substitute Fabio Quagliarella in the box and his strike was saved by Stekelenburg.

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