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China wins relay golds, S. Korea claims one more title


10:39, December 12, 2011

SHANGHAI, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- Hosts China showed their power in teamwork on Sunday as they claimed both the men's and women's relay golds at the ISU World Cup Short Track speedskating Shanghai leg.

South Korea continued their good form to win their third title in Shanghai.

"We consider the relay gold most important," said Li Yan, head coach of the Chinese team. "So I am happy with the result. However, the team still have many problems and we will deal with them in the future."

In the women's 3,000-meter relay, the Chinese foursome, Li Jianrou, Liu Qiuhong, Fan Kexin and Xiao Han, beat the United States to clinch the title in four minutes and 12.394 seconds.

The relay started with the United States in the lead but China overtook the position with only four laps to go.

Li Jianrou, runner-up of the 1,000m on Sunday, surpassed the American skater with a strong spurt and helped China to win the title. The United States took the silver in 4:13.000, while Japan was the third in 4:13.763.

"We are very delighted to win the gold medal at home," said Liu Qiuhong. "We only took the bronze in the last stop of the World Cup, and this time we got what we want."

Talking about the overtaking, Li said:"Actually it's not a choice, it's my responsibility. We are a team and to win the gold medal is our goal."

The men's 5,000m relay gold was also clinched by China. Canada dominated most of the race, but a South Korean skater intended to block a Canada's skater in the last lap, which resulted in the South Korean team being disqualified and the Canadian fell down.

The Chinese team took the chance and won the gold in 6:38.567. Canada was the second in 6:48.858, while Britain got the bronze in 7:02.363.

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