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Barcelona Olympic champion Zhang Shan looks to regain glory in London


22:51, November 28, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) -- Nearly twenty years after winning a gold medal at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, Chinese markswoman Zhang Shan is competing against the youngsters, looking to win a berth for the London Olympics.

The 43-year-old Zhang has proved that age is not a problem, winning a world cup champion last March and the team trophy with the Chinese national squad at the world championships.

"Of course I want to win the Olympic champion again after 20 years," said Zhang, who is also a coach of the Chinese national team.

But she will face tough challenges from the young shooters in the women's skeet event including Wei Ning, Zhang Donglian, Yu Xiumin and Xie Qing.

Wei, silver medalist at the Athens Olympics, has already qualified for London after winning the silvers at the last two world championships.

Zhang Donglian has also showed fine form in the season, winning the world cup champion in Slovenia and finishing third in the world cup finals.

In the Barcelona Games in 1992, Zhang Shand became the first woman in the Olympic history to win the mixed skeet title.

She is also the first Asian to break Europeans and Americans' domination in the Olympic shotgun shooting in which a total of 70 medals have been awarded since the second Olympics in 1900.

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