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China keeps faint 2014 hopes alive

(Shanghai Daily)

10:14, November 16, 2011

China's Yu Hai (left) scores the opening goal against Singapore during their 2014 World Cup Asian qualifier in Singapore yesterday. China won 4-0

CHINA won 4-0 away to Singapore yesterday to keep alive its very faint hopes of progressing in 2014 World Cup qualifying.

Despite the victory, China must rely on Iraq losing its two remaining games - away to Jordan later yesterday then at home against already-eliminated Singapore - otherwise it is out.

China dominated play from the beginning and broke through in the 42nd minute through striker Yu Hai.

Singapore's best chance came when veteran striker Aleksandar Duric hit the crossbar in the 53rd minute. China quickly responded with captain Li Weifeng scoring with a header from a corner in the 56th minute.

China played with just 10 players from the 67th minute after Huang Bowen was sent off for taking a swing at Singapore's Mustafic Fahrudin.

However, China continued to control the game as defender Zheng Zheng finished the scoring with goals in the 73rd and 82nd minutes.

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