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FIFA to decide on WC qualification playing schedule for Netherlands


10:17, October 25, 2011

THE HAGUE, Oct. 24(Xinhua) -- Negotiations on the playing schedule of World Cup 2014 qualifying Group D failed on Monday in Amsterdam. FIFA will now decide on the schedule for The Netherlands, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Estonia and Andorra.

After three hours of negotiations at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam representatives of the six countries could not reach an agreement. The date for the match between the Netherlands and Romania in Romania was the stumbling block.

"Romania does not want to play in March, especially not in early March," said Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk afterwards. "Because at that time they do not have their rhythm yet after a long winter."

The Dutch delegation offered to play in June instead of March, but with one prerequisite. If the Dutch team would have to play at the Confederations Cup in June 2013 the match would go back to March.

Only if the Netherlands becomes European champion in 2012 or runner-up against Spain they would have to play the Confederations Cup. The qualification for the World Cup starts after Euro 2012.

"The FIFA will now draw a schedule with each country subsequently playing at home and away," said Van Marwijk. "That means Romania has to play at home in March anyway. That's why I don't understand it completely."


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