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Proud Bolt fires Jamaican team to world record


08:53, September 05, 2011

Usain Bolt of Jamaica sprints to the finish line winning the men's 4x100 metres relay final at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Daegu September 4, 2011. Jamaica set a new world record with a time of 37.04 seconds. (Photo:

DAEGU, South Korea - Usain Bolt swept away any remaining clouds surrounding his 100m disqualification when he anchored Jamaica to a world record time of 37.04 seconds to retain the world 4x100 metres relay title on Sunday.

The double Olympic sprint champion and world record holder teamed up with Nesta Carter, Michael Frater and Yohan Blake to better the mark of 37.10 seconds the Jamaicans ran to win gold at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Bolt, who ran the third leg in Beijing, took over the anchor role in the absence of injured former world record holder Asafa Powell and received the baton from Blake, his successor as 100m world champion, with a commanding lead.

The 24-year-old hurtled down the straight well clear of the field with his eyes fixed on the clock before crossing the line and tossing the baton into the air in delight having helped set the only world record at the 13th world championships.

"For me, it was just to go out there fast," Bolt told reporters. "We did just that. I am proud of my team. I am happy with myself. I enjoyed being the anchor.

"I had a little problem with my Achilles. I can't run the bend. It was decided I would run the anchor. Yohan Blake ran a great bend. I am happy with that."

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