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Atletico-GO beats America-MG 2-1


10:49, August 28, 2011

RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) -- In a come-from-behind victory on the road, Atletico-GO defeat host America-MG 2-1 in the 19th round of the 2011 Brazilian Championship on Saturday.

America-MG took an early lead after scoring the first half's only goal in the 27th minute. Driving the ball down the right side of the field, Marcos Rocha centered the ball to William Rocha who then slammed in a header.

Atletico-GO returned to the second half to score the equalizer in the 69th minute when Juninho headed in a great pass from Thiago Feltri. The visiting team then claimed the lead in the 76th minute when Juninho slipped the ball past an approaching America-MG goalie, Neneca.

The result provisionally improves Atletico-GO to 11th place with 25 points. America-MG remains among the league's worst, standing in 18th place with 15 points. Both teams are subject to alterations in their respective standing depending upon the remainder of the round's play on Sunday.

In the 20th and first round of the second half of the competition, Atletico-GO will receive Coritiba on August 31. On the same day, America-MG will travel to face Atletico-PR.


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