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Camacho arrives in China for new post


12:45, August 13, 2011

BEIJING, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- Spaniard Jose Antonio Camacho arrived in Beijing on Saturday morning for his new post as coach of the Chinese national soccer team.

Surrounded by flashlights from local media at the Beijing Capital International Airport, the 56-year-old kept a prudential profile and reclined to elaborate on his future plan for the team.

"We are happy to be here. My team and I are proud to join the Chinese national squad. Our goal for the moment is to try to qualify for the World Cup finals in Brazil. But we have a long-term plan for the future," said Camacho, who also greeted "Hello, China" in Chinese.

Camacho arrived with his coaching staff, including an assisting coach, a physical coach and a technical analyst.

After a year of carefully estimates and selection, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) chose the former Spain and Real Madrid coach to steer the men's national senior team with just around three weeks ahead of the qualifying Group A opener against Singapore on September 2.

During an early interview, Yu Hongchen, vice director of the Chinese Football Administration Center, told Xinhua the appointment of Camacho as China's new coach is part of the country's long-term revival blueprint.

"Even if he could not bring the team into the World Cup finals, he will not lose the job," said Yu.

The CFA will sign a three-year contract with Camacho and the Spaniard is also expected to forge a suitable playing style for the national side and meanwhile help improve China's youth training system.

Camacho will be officially presented by the CFA at a press conference on Sunday morning.

As the seeded team, China is pooled together with Jordan, Iraq and Singapore in Group A.

The top two teams of the group will advance to the next stage, with 10 teams to be divided into two groups to fight for four direct qualifying spots.

The two third placed sides will face off with the winner taking on fifth placed team from South America.


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