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Shenzhen Universiade ready to make differences


11:02, August 12, 2011

SHENZHEN, China, August.11(Xinhua) -- With 24 hour to kick off, the 26th Shenzhen Universiade is ready to make differences, organizers announced to correspondents from all over the world on Thursday at the first major press conference at the Universiade's Main Press Center.

Huang Guoqiang, spokesman of the Universiade, vowed to show the world a different Sports extravaganza as well as a different city.


Huang said a total of 105 events within 24 sports would be held, making the largest number of events in Universiade history. 11,901 athletes and officials from 152 delegations had confirmed their arrival until Thursday. According to the Universiade organizing committee, China, Russia and Japan were the three leading delegations in the number of athletes.

Also some countries including France and the next Olympics host Braitan had formed their largest delegations in their Universiade history.

"It will be London's turn to be the host of Olympics less than a year later. The team's participation in the Universiade will further strengthen the already excellent ties Britain enjoys with Shenzhen," said Alastair Morgan, the Consul-General of the British Consulate-General at Guangzhou.


Three thousand university students joined the World University Student Beach Concert Wednesday night, when 12 bands from world's famous universities, including Cornell Univerity, Peking University, University of Cambridge, University of Cape town and University of Sydney performed at the concert.

But this would only be a single example for the various cultural activities offered by the host City.

Huang said that more than 100 cultural activities would be held during the 12-day Universiade. Merely in the Universiade village, 82 live shows would be performed including fashion, music and drama.

Huang said a free tour would be offered to all the athletes and officials from August 18 to 22. Along the way the host city's culture would be displayed.


The host city, from the day it won the bid, has been striving to make a green city.

About 400,000 cars will not be on road in Shenzhen during the 26th Summer Universiade. To hold a green and low-carbon Universiade, the city called on people to reduce car driving during the games, said Huang.

Enterprises and citizens responded actively to the call and the owners of about 400,000 cars, among which 92 percent were private ones, promised not to drive during the Universiade, said Huang.

"It shows the understanding and support of our citizens," said Huang.

A week ago, the host city launched a project to put into 2,011 green vehicles including pure electric and hybrid buses and taxi cars, which will make up more than half of the vehicles needed in the University Games, forming the largest amount green vehicles ever in world sports events such as Olympics and World University Games.

"We hope all the athletes, officials and correspondents from all across the world will leave green memories after the Universiade," Tang Jie, deputy major of the host city said at the launching ceremony.


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