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China promotes use of agricultural machinery for autumn production


11:02, September 25, 2011

BEIJING, Sept 24 (Xinhua) -- As the nation's grain production is heavily reliant on autumn crops, agricultural authorities should coordinate their efforts to maximize mechanical advantages in production of crops harvested during this season, the Ministry of Agriculture said on Saturday.

Areas of corn crops harvested by machines will reach 145 million mu (9.67 million hectares) this autumn, accounting for 31 percent of the crop's total, while 69 percent, or 240 million mu, of rice crops will be reaped by machines, the ministry said at a meeting held in the city of Jiaozuo in central Henan Province.

The ministry will also lift machine-planted areas of winter wheat to 290 million mu, which will make up 86 percent of the crop's total, while areas of land cultivated by machines will increase by 10 million mu to 148 million mu, it added.

The ministry also urged local authorities to send technicians to help the use of agricultural machines and promote technologies for agricultural mechanization.


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