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Investigation targets EU polysilicon

By Investigation targets EU polysilicon (China Daily)

07:57, November 02, 2012

China announced on Thursday that it will begin an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation into European imports of solar-grade polysilicon, an important component in solar cells.

The decision is expected to worsen China's trade row with the European Union, which is conducting a similar inquiry into Chinese solar products.

The Ministry of Commerce said in a statement that the latest investigation will be combined with one that started on July 20, also to look at polysilicon imports from the United States and South Korea.

The latest investigation comes as the most recent move in a series of trade disputes between China and its Western trading partners. The bones of contention have included automobiles, steel and rare-earth minerals.

The case was filed at a time that Chinese solar panel producers have struggled to keep going after the United States levied heavy duties on solar products from China in October. This year, the US Commerce Department announced penalties that included anti-dumping taxes levied at a rate of between 18 percent and 250 percent, hoping to offset the effects of Chinese firms' alleged unfair advantages.

The European Commission also started an anti-dumping investigation into Chinese solar products in September.

"There will be no winner in this trade row," said Meng Xiangan, deputy director of the China Renewable Energy Society. "Both sides will lose."

"The trade dispute is not a purely economic issue, but also has something to do with politics and national strategy. Western countries' investigations are aimed at containing China's rise, and China has to react."

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