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Overseas moves need lower profile

By Chen Sijin (Global Times)

13:45, November 01, 2012

Sany Heavy Industry Co, China's largest construction equipment group by revenue, made headlines recently with its lawsuit against US President Barack Obama for blocking its wind farm investments.

Although executives from Sany expressed confidence in winning the lawsuit, lawyers appeared more pessimistic about its outcome.

On September 28, Obama ordered US-based Ralls Corp, owned by two Sany executives, to divest its interests in wind farm projects near a naval training facility in Oregon, citing national security concerns.

Chinese enterprises' investments in the US have been dealt frequent setbacks in recent months, as many of its high-end manufacturing industries are subject to the US government's supervision.

Based on history, Chinese enterprises always failed when their deals were marked by a high degree of publicity in their beginning stages. I would suggest that Chinese companies aiming to acquire overseas peers had better downplay their investment activities in the market, at least before the deal is concluded.

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