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Insights: CPC faces economic-ecological harmony challenges


08:12, October 22, 2012

The open-cut mining area of the Daye Iron Mine in central China's Huangshi city -- Asia's biggest opencast mine -- looks like a widely-open mouth of the Earth.

Dating back to 1780 years ago, the mine became a key resource supplier for China's industrialization, creating economic benefits as well as ecological ills.

It was commonly said that the sky, in Tieshan District and beyond, remained grey, partly due to the Daye Iron Mine.

Resource-rich Huangshi recorded rapid economic growth in the second half of last century, thanks to heavy investment in resource industries, including iron and steel.

But the shortage of exploitable mine as well as vegetation deterioration and environmental pollution, which became increasingly severe in 1990s, cast a shadow over the city's future.

Huangshi has been thinking about maintaining a balance between economic development and ecological protection. Decades of rapid economic development has turned Huangshi into a resource-exhausted city.

The Daye Iron Mine's open-cut area was turned into the country's first national ore park six years ago and has become a popular scenic spot with sculptures made from wasted equipment and accessories.

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