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Samsung opens new digital era in Xi’an

By Wang Jing (People's Daily Online)

16:20, October 18, 2012

Samsung gives a press briefing after the ground-breaking ceremony of its memory chip plant (Photo by Liu Peng)

Much hope has been placed on the arrival of Samsung.

Samsung Electronics, after much studying, weighing and considering, has decided to settle its memory chip plant in Xi’an.
A key component of digital products, memory chip is widely used in smart phones, tablet computers and music players.

“This is one of the largest overseas investments ever made by Samsung,” said Mr. Jun Jae Won, consul general of the ROK in Xi’an.

The storage research center and plant Samsung is considering for Xi’an will use the world’s most sophisticated technologies, said Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics.

Samsung has been known as the world’s largest digital industry enterprise and one of the world top 500. As the biggest company under the Samsung Group, Samsung Electronics has been leading the world in digital product research and development. It boasts exceptional technological strength in the IT field and has launched a large number of highly original products in semiconductor chip, mobile phone and home appliance. In 2011, its sales hit US$148.6 billion, ranking first in the world’s IT industry for the second year.

This is Samsung in our eyes. How about the Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone (XHTZ), seat of the Samsung plant, in the eyes of Samsung staff? The reporter recently talked with some Samsung staff to listen to their impressions about work and life here.

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