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Samsung is engine of electronic information industry in Xi’an, experts say

(People's Daily Online)

16:12, October 18, 2012

Guests discussing opportunities brought by Samsung on a forum (photo by Su Jiyu)

Boasting the largest foreign investment project in the electronic information industry in China since its reform and opening up, Samsung makes its way into China as a blockbuster with $7 billion investment in the first phase. It arouses quite a stir among the industry and high attention and heated discussion among experts and company managers in the High-Tech Industries Development Zone. Why would Samsung choose Xi’an? How would it develop on this ancient and enchanting land? And what would it bring to the Development Zone, to Xi’an and to Shaanxi? Let’s listen to those voices of wisdom.

Hao Yue, Vice President of Xidian University: “Xi’an is likely to take the leading position in the electronic information industry if human resources are well made use of.”

“There’s no doubt that comprehensive and careful analysis was made before Xi’an, Shaanxi was elected. And among all the factors, human resources are the most important. I believe that the advantage of human resources in Xi’an allows little comparison from the rest of China,” said Hao Yue, Vice Ppresident of Xidian University. For example, graduates (both undergraduate and postgraduate) from Xidian University amount 5,000 each year, among whom 80% are from majors relevant to the electronic information industry. Besides, over 40 colleges and universities, including Xi’an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, and Northwest University, have electronic information sciences, which provides ample high-level human resources backup for the electronic information industry.

About 1/3 graduates from Xidian University go abroad each year, another 1/3 go to developed areas like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and the rest choose to stay in Xi’an, said Hao Yue. Yet this situation is gradually changing now that the High-Tech Zone is home to companies like Meguiars, Applied Materials, ZTE and Huawei. In particular, with the settling down of Samsung, more graduates will prefer to stay in China, or in Xi’an, Shaanxi to be specific. This guarantees the human resources for Xi’an to be in the leading position of the electronic information industry.

Hao Yue predicted that Samsung would produce its build-up effect, thus accelerating the development of the electronic information industry in Xi’an. Higher educational institutions should optimize their teaching approach and curriculum, and to make clear the educational goal. More efforts should be put in training students in practice, so that students can have a profound view of the industry on campus. Colleges and universities should direct their aim to producing more practical and compound talents to help Xi’an in occupying the leading position of the electronic information industry.

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