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China's home prices to rise further in Q4


08:22, October 17, 2012

China's home prices will continue to rise in the fourth quarter, but a big jump across the country is not likely, a research note from the China Index Academy said on Tuesday.

"First-tier cities, driven by comparatively lower supply, will face more pressure to contain the price hikes," the research note said.

Prices in second and third-tier cities, however, will remain stable because of sufficient supply. And some cities even face downward pressure due to oversupply, the note said.

On the policy side, it is unrealistic to expect real estate policies to be loosened just because of the economic slowdown, it added.

The current low interest rates and easier access to financing have supported property developers.

Meanwhile, the land market will be even more active in the fourth quarter, thanks to the rising sales in the past few months, the note said.

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