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Industries cash in on Mo Yan's Nobel Prize success


14:04, October 13, 2012

BEIJING, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Chinese cultural and media industries are cashing in on Mo Yan's 2012 Nobel Prize for literature win.

Chinese bookstores are benefiting from his success reporting bumper sales on Friday. Ge Fei, deputy manager of the Beijing-based Wangfujing Book Store, one of China's largest bookstores, said that Mo's novels, including "Red Sorghum" and his latest "Frog", were sold out by 10 a.m., one hour after opening the shop. Orders for Mo's novels were growing.

It was a similar occurrence in other Beijing bookstores and other cities as well as online bookstores, according to media reports.

Sales of Mo's works have increased at online bookstores this week. The writer's story collections are out of stock on, the country's leading online book shop.

Spurred by Mo's prize, stocks of cultural and media industries rose across the board on the Shanghai bourse Friday, led by the Shanghai Xinhua Media Co., Ltd., which rose by daily limit of 10 percent to close at 6.23 yuan (0.98 U.S. dollars) per share.

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