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Samsung as a Key to the Construction of a World’s Leading Information Industry

(People's Daily Online)

10:44, October 09, 2012

An Interview with Zhao Hongzhuan, Xi’an Municipal Standing Committee Member, Secretary of Xi’an High-Tech Zone Party Working Committee, Director of Administrative Committee

The Samsung Memory Chip Project was finally settled in Xi’an High-tech Industries Development Zone, which has raised tremendous attention and admiration from home and abroad.

This seems to be a coincidence. But with the increasing number of corporations settled in Shaanxi in recent years, a manifestation of its comprehensive advantages, we know it is actually a certainty.

From the perspective of the industry, Samsung Electronics’ settlement in Xi’an will improve the local semiconductor industry chain, making Xi’an a more competitive electronic information industry base, propel the city on its course to an international metropolis, and extend its influence over the globe. It will also contribute to the formation of Shaaxi regional electronic information industry cluster, and play a significant role in the industrial restructuring, transformation, and upgrading of Guantian Economic Zone and even the whole western region.

In the past few days, Zhao Zhuanhong, executive leader of the Samsung Memory Chip Project in Xi’an, Xi’an Municipal Standing Committee member, Secretary of Xi’an High-Tech Zone Party Working Committee, Director of Administrative Committee, was interviewed by CCTV Economic Channel, Phoenix TV, CNBC, Xi’an TV “Guanzhu”, People’s Daily Online, Xi’an Evening, Huashang News, and many other media organizations.

The success of this project should be attributed to the common efforts of the provincial party committee and government, the municipal party committee and government, and also his team. Achieving all these in as short as five months confirms “Shaanxi speed” and “Xi’an speed”, Zhao reiterated.

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