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Samsung briefs on project, gives full mark to preparations

(People's Daily Online)

15:24, September 28, 2012

(Photo/People's Daily Online)

After the ground-breaking ceremony at Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone on September 12, Samsung management gave a press briefing which attracted nearly a hundred reporters from more than 70 media organizations including Xinhua, CNS, People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, CCTV and Phoenix TV.

The newly launched project opened a new chapter in Korean-Chinese cooperation in semiconductor, said Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon, Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics. As the two countries enjoy a long history of exchange, this project is of far-reaching significance in its boosting of bilateral cooperation in the field of top semiconductor products. He hoped both sides could go on with their efforts to provide high-end products that help raise people’s life quality. He also commented on the “Shaanxi speed” and answered questions on future development and environment.

Full mark to preparations

CCTV: What’s your comment on the five-month preparations from signing agreement to breaking ground? How many points will you give if the full mark is 100? After a close touch with Xi’an in the five months, do you think the investment environment here is adequate enough for such a big project as Samsung’s?

Kwon: During the five months I have been constantly surprised by the warmth the Xi’an government displayed. I would not hesitate to give 100 points to the preparatory work here. Actually I’m willing to give more than 100 points.

As you all know, we chose Xi’an partly to comply with the Chinese government’s policy of western development. Semiconductor is an important part of computer and cell phone, and the environment here is very suitable for such business. We also chose Xi’an to better support our Asian clients. Here we also found many good schools and highly educated people, as well as great government enthusiasm and support, and all these made Xi’an an ideal city for Samsung.

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