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Christmas commodities exports surge in Hebei


08:12, September 24, 2012

Exports of Christmas commodities in north China's Hebei Province surged in August despite contraction in trade amid world economic slowdown.

Exports of such goods in August climbed 40.5 percent over the same month last year, or 86.8 percent over the previous month, to 3.54 million U.S. dollars, according to statistics from the Shijiazhuang customs.

In the first eight months, exports of Christmas commodities rose to 6.69 million dollars, up 6.4 percent from the same period of last year, according to the customs.

Privately owned businesses have been driving the export rise, while companies with foreign investment have witnessed a slump, sources with the customs said.

Exports of Christmas commodities from privately owned companies rose 25 percent year-on-year to 5.67 million dollars in the first eight months, accounting for 85 percent of the total export.

In contrast, exports from foreign investment companies dropped 52 percent to 773,000 dollars during the same period, the customs said.

Exports to the United States from January and August rose 25.8 percent year on year to 2.82 million dollars, as against a slump of 3.4 percent to 2.89 million dollars to the European Union market.

The U.S. and EU markets accounted for 86 percent of the total such exports of Hebei, according to the customs.

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