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HK's service industry business receipts rise in Q2


08:17, September 11, 2012

HONG KONG, Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- Hong Kong's business receipts in value terms of most major service industries showed increases in the second quarter of 2012 when compared with the second quarter of 2011, the city's Census & Statistics Department said Monday.

According to the figure released, business receipts of the tourism, convention and exhibition services domain maintained double-digit year-on-year growth, or 13.9 percent, alongside the continued growth in inbound tourism.

During the same period, business receipts of the computer and information technology services domain registered significant year- on-year growth of 22.2 percent.

Double-digit increases were also recorded in the business receipts of the warehousing and storage, accommodation services, insurance, retail and banking industries. However, the financing industry recorded a more noticeable decrease of 7.7 percent in business receipts during the same period.

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