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Toyota: China deliveries may double by 2015

(China Daily)

13:12, September 07, 2012

Toyota Motor Corp, whose sales trail those of Nissan Motor Co in China, said deliveries in the country may double by 2015 as the company seeks to catch up in the world's biggest automobile market.

Toyota may increase sales in China to 1.8 million units by 2015, or 15 percent of its worldwide sales, Atsushi Niimi, executive vice-president of the carmaker, said on Thursday at an auto forum in Chengdu, Sichuan province. The company, which is preparing to unveil 20 new models, sold 883,000 vehicles during 2011.

The Toyota-based carmaker plans to sell at least 1 million units in China this year, representing 12 percent of global sales, according to Niimi. Sales rose 13 percent to 596,100 in China during the first eight months of this year, according to the company.

Toyota, which has outsold all automakers globally in the first half, is determined to change the perception the company is lagging behind rivals in China and missing out on the explosive growth in the country in recent years, Niimi said.

The company will promote the sales of hybrids, improve customer service and discuss selling elderly-and handicapped-friendly vehicles to cater to China's aging population, he said.

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