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PR veteran David Perry: To know China is to know the future

By Li Mu (People's Daily Online)

11:09, September 05, 2012

David Perry is interviewed by the People's Daily Online in his office at San Francisco’s historic Flood Building, 870 Market Street.(Mu Li/People's Daily Online)

San Francisco, September 4 (People's Daily Online) -- "If you are an American doing business and you are concerned about the future of the world, then engaging with and learning about China is the most important thing you can do." So says David Perry, a China business consultant who spoke with People's Daily Online reporter in a recent exclusive interview.

Perry is the founder and CEO of David Perry & Associates, Inc. (, a San Francisco based firm specializing in marketing, communications, social media and government affairs. His company has been involved in major China related projects between San Francisco Bay and China over the last several years.

"No other firm in the Bay Area is as connected and committed to cordial business relationships across the Pacific as is our company," says Perry, whose core competency is to provide professional public relations, media and business connection services to Chinese enterprises coming to San Francisco and to the greater United States. He sees his job as making Chinese business interests comfortable in the market.

"The mutual understanding and respect between China and the United States is now the world's most important relationship," Perry stressed, emphasizing that he is constantly reminding his U.S. business clients and peers that the Sino-U.S. dialogue is of unparalleled significance.

According to Perry, the networks established between businesses is key to improved government relations between the United States and China.

"The bridges built by Sino-US trade become bridges between governments, and bridges between our peoples, " said Perry.

David Perry & Associates, Inc. accelerated its connections with China in 2008 when his firm was hired by the San Francisco Mayor's Office to handle branding, media relations and sponsorship support for the running of the Beijing Olympic Torch Run in San Francisco.

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