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Secrets of the Chinese travelers

(China Daily)

13:30, September 03, 2012

New couples celebrating their weddings in Sanya, in South China's Hainan province. Sanya is one of the most popular tourist packages bought by online shoppers in China, according to a survey by Taobao, China's largest online marketplace. (Photo/China Daily)

Shanghai folk like five-star accommodation while those from Guangdong prefer economy

Hong Kong, Beijing and Hainan province's Sanya remain the most popular tourist destinations for online shoppers in China, according to a recent survey released by Taobao, China's largest online marketplace.

The survey, which looked at the buying habits of online shoppers in the first half of this year, found that Hong Kong is on the top of the list for netizens when they think of travel, with more than 200,000 people making reservations for hotels in Hong Kong through Taobao's travel platform between January and June.

The most noteworthy finding was that people from different regions of China tend to have different purchasing habits when arranging their travel.

For example, among those surveyed, people in Hangzhou in East China's Zhejiang province are more inclined to spend a lot on high-end tours, while those in Shanghai, the economic hub of China, prefer to spend more on lodgings, booking five-star hotels when they arrange their tours.

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