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16 enterprises awarded as ‘Green Future Practitioner’

By Wang Jinxue (People's Daily Online)

15:19, September 01, 2012

16 enterprises awarded as “Green Future Practitioner” in Beijing on Aug. 31. The event was organized by National Business Daily (NBD) together with many organizations committed to environmental protection. More than 300 enterprises took part in this event. The assessment criteria covered supply chain management, internal management, brand and communication, strategy and environmental protection cases etc..

According to Shen Hailong, chairman of China Energy Enterprise Confederation(CEEC), China’s energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises are now confronted with great challenges as well as opportunities under the development of new industries. He said that the leaders of enterprises should pay much attention to environmental protection, and integrate the idea to their strategy, and include energy-saving measures in their planning. He added that the enterprises should seize the chance to develop rapidly and at the same time become more and more environmental-friendly.

The 16 award-winning enterprises included Oriental Yuhong, Shanghai Volkswagen etc.. They remarked that this prize helped strengthen their confidence in future’s development, and they would make greater efforts to the cause of environmental protection.

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