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Realty market attracting less foreign investment

By Wu Yiyao  (China Daily)

13:30, August 30, 2012

While foreign investment in China's realty market has been shrinking, foreign investors are seeking other ways to invest in projects in the country, analysts said.

Investment in realty developments in China has seen a significant change since the beginning of the year. Of the 5.08 trillion yuan ($800 billion) invested in realty development in China between January and July, only 22.8 billion yuan of that was foreign funds, a 54.3 percent year-on-year decrease, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

Average monthly foreign funds invested in realty development in the first seven months of the year totaled 3.26 billion yuan. In 2010, average monthly foreign funds in realty development totaled 6.63 billion yuan; the figure in 2011 was 6.78 billion yuan.

Foreign trusts and funds are quite cautious about decisions to invest in China's realty market, according to Xue Jianxiong, an analyst with China Real Estate Information Corp.

Refinancing is not as easy to get as it was several years ago, and the depreciation of the yuan in the short term may have affected foreign investors' enthusiasm to expand their business in China, Xue said.

As direct foreign investment in the realty market is not allowed, many foreign funds invest their yields from other businesses into realty development, Xue said.

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