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Germany remains most attractive target for investors

By Fu Jing  (China Daily)

13:41, August 29, 2012

At the heart of Europe, the nation's economy has remained strong throughout the euro crisis, reports Fu Jing from Bedburg, Germany.

A 30-minute ride from the German city of Dusseldorf takes you to Bedburg, where there is a road called Sany Allee, along with a bus stop bearing this name.

The road leads to the gate of China's biggest green field investment in Europe so far, the German operations of heavy equipment manufacturer Sany Group Co Ltd.

Work is already in full swing at the No 1 production hall of Sany's factory, which has given a new lease of life to this former mining area in the Ruhr, Germany's industrial heart.

And plans are afoot to build the No 2 production hall at the factory, which mainly manufactures heavy construction equipment for the European and African markets

Involving a total investment of 100 million euros ($125 million), Hunan province-based Sany's factory, which took a year to build, opened for business in 2011.

The group set up Sany Germany Co Ltd in the German city of Cologne as its European headquarters in 2008, its third overseas regional headquarters and investment region after India and the United States. It also has offices in France, Italy, Poland and Turkey

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