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China Mobile to promote mobile Web business

By Shen Jingting  (China Daily)

13:33, August 22, 2012

China Mobile Ltd's booth at the PT/EXPO COMM trade show in Beijing in September 2011. (Photo/ China Daily)

China Mobile Ltd, the world's biggest wireless operator by subscriber numbers, hopes to improve its sluggish performance by actively promoting its mobile Internet business, as it posted the slowest profit growth in a decade.

Xi Guohua, China Mobile's chairman, said that as more people surf the Web on mobile phones, wireless data traffic has become an important driver of revenue growth.

"Mobile Internet development creates opportunities for mobile carriers," Xi said at the 2012 International Mobile Internet Conference, which was held in Beijing on Tuesday.

To gain an edge in the mobile Internet era, China Mobile implemented a development strategy with the combination of "a smart pipe, open platforms, featured businesses and an integrated interface", Xi said.

The open platforms mainly refer to Mobile Market - the world's largest Chinese language application store set up by the company. In May, the app store had more than 1 million selected apps and more than 200 million registered users.

The company will also launch a variety of services including mobile music, mobile books and mobile payment systems.

Shen Hongqun, deputy general manager of the data business department at China Mobile, said during the same event that the company also plans to launch the Mcloud service, a cloud storage service similar to Apple Inc's iCloud, to Chinese users by the end of the year.

China Mobile, which has signed up close to seven out of every 10 of China's 1 billion mobile phone users, is experiencing the slowest profit growth in a decade due to intensified competition. Only about 10 percent of the company's users subscribed to higher-revenue 3G network services, a much smaller proportion than that of its domestic rivals.

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