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Chinese firms provided one-stop services in U.S. market

By Li Mu (People's Daily Online)

15:55, August 17, 2012

San Francisco, August 17 (People's Daily Online) -- Chinese enterprises coming to the United Sates can now enjoy one-stop business concierge services as ChinaSF is connecting businesses with local market opportunities through its professional support.

China's re-emergence as one of the world's strongest economies is impelling Chinese enterprises to set up branches and offices in America to meet business needs. San Francisco capitalized on this opportunity by launching ChinaSF, a partnership between the Mayor's office and the San Francisco Center for Economic Development.

Named by San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee, Darlene Chiu Bryant, a San Francisco native, has been on duty as the new Executive Director of ChinaSF since January 2012. She was recently interviewed by People's Daily Online at her San Francisco office.

"Providing a unique platform to support new partnerships and business opportunities, ChinaSF offers one-stop business concierge services for inbound Chinese companies in Mandarin," Bryant told People's Daily Online, "We leverage our government and business networks to convert leads and opportunities into decisions to locate, expand or invest in San Francisco. This service is crucial in assisting Chinese companies coming to the U.S. market."

According to Bryant, one-stop business services provided by ChinaSF, which are totally free, include locating and leveraging all relevant governmental and business resources for Chinese entrepreneurs, connecting Chinese businesses with local service providers for services such as immigration assistance, legal, finance, marketing, and more. ChinaSF also assists companies in accessing available and applicable incentive programs including tax exemptions, workforce training programs, energy saving programs as well as local, state, and federal tax credit programs.

"We also provide information on the San Francisco real estate market and facilitate connection to the real estate community and help Chinese businesses find, train, and hire qualified workers and provide resources for employees relocating to San Francisco," said Bryant.

ChinaSF also serves as a facilitator, advocate and case manager for Chinese businesses navigating city, state and federal governmental issues.

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