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What is wrong with products made in China?

(People's Daily Online)

16:30, August 03, 2012

A senator was annoyed when he learned that the delegation of his country will wear clothes made in China at the opening ceremony of London Olympic Games, and he even threatened to burn them off and remake.

I was amazed when I heard the news. I even get worried about the senator and I cannot help but reminding him: Please go home and check what other things, such as furniture, clothes and commodities, need to be burnt off before burning these Olympic clothes.

Maybe he should confirm where the lighter was made before lighting the fire.

Even the director of the opening ceremony of London Olympic Games Danny Boyle admitted that there would be no the opening ceremony without the help of Chinese companies.

Why is the senator so resistant to products made in China? Does he think the products made in China grabbed their market?

But it is very normal that you sell Boeing to me and I sell shirt to you in today's global economy.

Not everyone in Britain and the United States can afford Armani. The developing China allows international brands develop and gain fat profits in China on the one hand and meanwhile, the products made in China also gradually move from a low-end to a high-end.

This exactly is the inclusive growth, making economic globalization and development fruits benefit all the countries, regions and all walks of life.

In the ancient Olympic Games, all the players were naked, but now they wear hi-tech clothes, which not only are comfortable but also can help boost their performance.

Though sharkskin swimwear was prohibited, which weakened the clothes' function of boosting scores, it is a wrong time for someone who hopes to seek other intentions in the name of clothes. 1,000 years ago, China looked down to the world; 100 years ago, China looked up to the world and today, China is equal with the world.

Read the Chinese version at: “中国制造”惹了谁 为何对“中国制造”如此抵触? , Source: People's Daily Online

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