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Chinese investors become Inter's second largest shareholder


08:35, August 03, 2012

MILAN, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) -- Italian Serie A powerhouse Inter announced here on Wednesday that a group of Chinese investors will become its second largest shareholder.

Inter's holding Internazionale Holding Srl has reached an agreement which envisages the acquisition of a stake of F.C. Internazionale S.P.A, or Inter, by a group of Chinese investors, a statement from the company said. The Moratti family will still keep the control of the company.

But the newly started phase of the club's corporate life will especially contribute to the enhancement of Sino-Italian future cooperation in the sport world, Inter President Massimo Moratti told Xinhua on Wednesday evening at the Milan headquarters of UBS AG financial services company, that assisted the agreement along with other advisers.

"We want to offer our experience to our Chinese friends," he said adding he especially aimed at bringing China's new generations close to football "with an important objective which is not only sportive but also social."

The Inter president defined football as "a common platform" between the two countries for sharing their "common feelings and future projects."

The first step of such cooperation, Moratti stressed, will be a joint effort for the construction of a new Inter stadium in Milan with China Railway 15th Bureau Group, a company controlled by China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), one of the largest construction enterprises in the world.

According to an agreement also reached on Wednesday, in the upcoming months the parties will jointly select the potentially suitable locations, define the project team and start the filing process to obtain the required authorizations for the construction of the new proprietary stadium, which is expected to be completed by 2017.

"Ideas come out when different peoples share a common vision of the future. And we were lucky enough to meet people with our same sentiment," said Moratti whose team has flied to Spalato where it is to play against Hajduk Split in the third qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League on Thursday.

He said the project of the new stadium was "extremely important for Inter." It not only will contribute to raise new resources during the ongoing difficult economic times, but will especially increase the number of football supporters in both countries.

Wednesday's agreement was "a revolution in the perception of football and the relationship between various clubs in the world, being a collaboration which carries a very strong message," he highlighted.

The friendship, respect and reciprocal comprehension experienced by Moratti during the recent talks with his Chinese counterparts will pay the way for further bilateral sport, culture and investment projects in the future, he said.


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