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What does the second half hold in store?

(China Daily)

16:01, July 13, 2012

Worrying developments have been spotted in its second-quarter performance, the results of a slowdown in business at home, and dwindling orders from Europe and Japan.

This is quite a different picture from the beginning of the year, when inflation, rather than a lack of growth, was the economy's No 1 enemy.

After Premier Wen Jiabao pledged earlier this week to keep China's growth rate going, some quick adjustments can be expected to be seen in how Beijing runs the world's second-largest economy.

Where will they occur? Will they be effective? What industries can expect to see early benefits? And how well will the general economy fare in the remainder of the year?

China Daily has invited some leading economists to share their thoughts.


With analysts forecasting China's second-quarter GDP growth to hit a new low, do you envisage an even lower growth rate in the coming months? How much GDP growth do you forecast for the third quarter?


The central bank has already cut interest rates twice, first in June, then in July. How much do you think the interest rate cuts are helping the economy's growth? And do you think there is still room for further interest rate cuts and cuts in banks' reserve requirement ratios in the remaining months of the year?


While inflation is coming down, do you think it is coming down so abruptly as to threaten deflation? What's the likelihood of deflation emerging in China today?


Do you think a large increase in investment in government projects will help turn around the economy? Or do you think there are other ways to better-stimulate growth?

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