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Overseas market demand recovery unsettled

(People's Daily Online)

16:11, July 12, 2012

Although China's foreign trade realized a double-digit growth rate in May, the growth rate declined in June. This indicates that the foundation for the recovery of the overseas market demand is still unstable and the slowdown of the overseas market demand will still last for a relatively long period.

Currently, there is still no sign showing that the domestic demand for bulk products will obviously grow. China's export and especially the import have greatly increased in May, but it was mainly due to the decline of the bulk product price. In addition, the market has certain positive expectation on the policy of “stabilizing the growth” and therefore they increased their stocks, leading to the growth of China's import.

Externally, in the United States, the newly-created jobs keep increasing, the real estate market is rebounding, the consumers' confidence keeps improving, and the economy shows a mild recovery. The foundation of the U.S. economic recovery has been further tamped and it is the core force for the global economy to stabilize.

In fact, due to the decline of the export, growths of almost all emerging economies have decreased. It means that, if they stimulate the economy to recover their economic growths by simply expanding their domestic demands, they will face the severe issue of changing the supply-demand structure. Then, the problems of oversupply and insufficient demand will further deepen.

Read the Chinese version at: 外需回暖的基础仍不牢固, Source: People's Daily, Author: Liu Yuanchun


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