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Fifth FDI fall amid EU woes

By Ding Qingfen, Chen Limin (China Daily)

09:58, April 18, 2012

Foreign direct investment fell for a fifth straight month in March as the European debt crisis worsened and the world's second-largest economy registered weaker growth.

The Ministry of Commerce said the FDI outlook remains "grim" in the coming months. However, measures will be taken to "stabilize" FDI by encouraging foreign companies to invest in central and western regions.

China's inbound investment last month dropped 6.1 percent, from a year earlier, to $11.76 billion, the ministry said on Tuesday.

The February figure was a 0.9 percent drop.

"Foreign companies invest less in a sluggish global economy," Shen Danyang, the ministry spokesman, said.

"Tightening policies on the property market also led to a decrease in foreign investment," he said.

Real estate makes up about 25 percent of FDI and foreign investment from the sector dropped by 6.3 percent year-on-year, in the first quarter.

The corresponding period last year saw a gain of 38.6 percent.

Investment from the European Union, grappling with a major sovereign debt crisis, tumbled 31.2 percent in the first quarter, from a year earlier, to $1.41 billion. Europe is a key trading partner and its economic troubles have had consequences for China as witnessed by the Friday announcement that the economy grew at the slowest pace in almost three years.

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