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World Bank helps Guangdong establish low-carbon communities

By Du Juan (Guangzhou Daily)

14:36, April 10, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The World Bank will provide 1 million U.S. dollars of financial and technological aids to help Guangdong Province establish the first batch of low-carbon demonstration communities of China.

The low-carbon community will serve as models for other localities and the development experience of the communities could be spread to other parts of China.

The guiding-type aids provided by the World Bank will mainly be used in paying experts, holding technological and management exchange activities, purchasing and constructing low-carbon public facilities and equipment, holding low-carbon management, training and research activities and the knowledge management of the communities for establishing the low-carbon demonstration communities, said Ye Ziqing, the deputy director-general of the Guangzhou International Wetland and Construction and Development Union and the general coordinator of the Project Office under the World Bank.

Ye said that the low-carbon demonstration community project office of the World Bank will offer an opportunity by bidding for enterprises actively participating in low-carbon community constructions and focusing on developing low-carbon technologies and products to participate in constructing the low-carbon communities so as to promote their growths and developments.

Currently, many units including some brand enterprises, local industrial zones, universities and ancient residence management units have expressed strong interest of submitting the application to the World Bank and participating in constructing the low-carbon demonstration communities.

However, Ye said that the low-carbon demonstration communities and cooperative enterprises must pass the strict application procedures according to the bidding regulations and pass the examinations by the expert panel of the World Bank.


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